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Frequent Aerial Photography Questions

It is important to know what you are getting when you work an aerial photographer like If you want to know why is the best Denver based aerial photography service, we can offer you a list of skills and experience that is quite large and unique. To help you research, here are some questions that our customers around Colorado and around the country have asked before making the decision to work with

Why should I hire Imagewerx?
Experience! is often contracted by other aerial photography businesses in Colorado and around the country because of our phenomenal finished product. Keep in mind that this is a full-time profession.  We fly hundreds of aerial projects annually, and each project enhances our ability to make the next project better.
How does Imagewerx get many of its clients?
Word of mouth and referrals bring many new clients to us, as well as our our new website. Many of our clients seek out members of PAPA (the Professional Aerial Photographers Association International) when evaluating aerial photographers for their projects. Our membership with PAPA and several other professional organizations affords us the ability to make great networking connections and have established credibility within the industry. As a testament to the quality of work that delivers, we’re also fortunate to have many repeat customers.
Is Imagewerx currently able to accept new clients?
ALWAYS! Don’t let our large client list fool you. is busy, but we’re always happy to see what we can do to help you enhance your project. Each experience allows us the opportunity to enhance future projects.
What if my project seems much smaller or biggert than the other work that Imagewerx has done?
We challenge you to find a project too big. We’ve worked with global construction companies on projects that span multiple years with total costs in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Think your project might be too small? has provided aerial imaging for residential homeowners, roofing companies, solar companies, and small local builders. If you’re not sure about the scope of your project, feel free to request a quote so our team can help guide you.
What is the typical duration of a project?
Just as with many things these days, “typical” is a word that’s project-specific. Projects can be anywhere from a single day to three years or longer. works with our clients to ensure that you get what you need from each assignment. Construction progress assignments, generally begin just before groundbreaking and end once the construction project is complete. This allows clients to view the project’s progress through the various phases. Most sites are photographed monthly or bi-monthly. There are some projects that are photographed weekly, and sometimes my clients just want one single session.
Do you focus on any particular industries or projects?
No – our focus is on our customers, not their industries. is happy to work with clients that are part of any industry on projects of all sizes. Our location at Centennial Airport just south of Denver allows us quick access to runways so we can get to your site, wherever it may be. Imagewerx has provided aerial photography in 20 states in 2015.  Feel free to browse our diverse client list.
How do you determine the cost of a project?
Cost is mostly based on location. has photographed many sites in surrounding states.  Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Oregon.  We’re always happy to talk to you about a quote, so feel free to contact us with any questions, no matter what phase you’re in with your project or location.
How quickly can we begin once I've signed on?
Once both parties agree on the details, the flight can be completed within 24 hours. Sometimes Mother Nature determines when we fly. Since is a full time aerial photography business we can fly on short notice.
How long do I have to wait for my photos? prides itself in service, and we don’t want you to wait. You’ll have your images in no longer than twenty-four hours. In many cases clients receive their images on the same day.
Do you work with any government agencies?
Because of the size of the government projects in which is involved, we’re typically hired by the contractor that is working for that government agency.
How many pilots work for Imagewerx? is a small business. Owner Mitch Bowers is the chief pilot. On occasion, Mitch will have a co-pilot that is commercial-rated and is listed on the insurance for the aircraft being operated.
Do you do aerial photography work in the mountains?
Yes, we have completed mountain flying courses and the aircraft that we fly is a very capable in the mountains with a service ceiling over 15,000 ft.  Mitch Bowers, owner of Imagewerx is a Commercial and Instrument rated pilot.  The Rocky Mountains are part of our life in Colorado, and wants to showcase them in all of their beauty
How is your camera different from that of your competitors? uses top of the line photography equipment by Canon. All lenses are image stabilized for the sharpest image possible. Images typically are shot in RAW format for the highest image quality. We provide the only true vertical aerial camera system in Colorado.
What happens if the photos are distorted or not to my liking? edits all images before our clients will view the images. All images are in focus and sharp. Of course, we guarantee satisfaction with our work, as well.
Does Imagewerx release the copyright?
Yes, most clients require high resolution files with copyright release.
What type of experience and licenses does Imagewerx possess?
Owner Mitch Bowers received his pilot license in 2004. He has attained instrument and commercial pilot ratings as well as high performance and complex aircraft endorsements.
What type of insurance does Imagewerx carry?
$1 million in liability insurance with aerial photography included. More can be added if needed for your project.
Can you tell me anything about the resolution of your photos?
The primary camera that we are using now is the Canon 5D mark 3. RAW images are upwards of 65 megabytes at 300 PPI.
Do you provide printing or framing?
Yes, we recently delivered a 3×9 ft. Gallery Wrapped Canvas to client and just completed 10 – 20”x30” framed prints for a client who presented them to other companies associated with the project as a gift.  Imagewerx provides custom printing and framing for many of our clients.
Can you help us generate traffic to our site?
Absolutely! While we can’t guarantee any certain amount of traffic to your project’s site, we would love to be able to talk about it to the world. is proud of the partnerships that we have with our clients, and we are proud to be able to boast about the amazing work that our clients do. We would be honored to talk about the work you do, so let us know if we can include you in a post on our site.
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