Colorado, Idaho, Washington, oregon, Montana, Utah and beyond

Award Winning Photographer

Mitch is an accomplished photographer and pilot who has won numerous awards from organizations like PAPA International (Professional Aerial Photographers Association) and is an active member of the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) and the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) CABA (Colorado Aviation Business Association). After receiving his pilot’s license he decided to combine his two passions; photography and aviation and specializes in Professional Aerial Photography to clients across the U.S. Safety is always the first concern and all FAA regulations are adhered to during every flight.  

Mitch carries Multi Engine Commercial and Instrument Pilot Ratings.

Voted as One Of The best Aviation photographers

Why should I hire Imagewerx for Aerial Photography?

Experience! is often contracted by other aerial photography businesses in Colorado and around the country because of our phenomenal finished product.  We have over 18 years flying and photographing projects in Colorado and beyond.  11 states flown in 2019.

How quickly can an Aerial photography project begin?

Once both parties agree on the details, the flight can be completed within 24 hours. Sometimes Mother Nature determines when we fly. Since is a full time aerial photography business located in Colorado, we can fly on short notice.  Our highly maintained Cessna 182 is always ready to go.

Where can Imagewerx shoot?

We have completed a mountain flying course and the aircraft that we fly is a very capable in the mountains with a service ceiling over 17,500 ft. Mitch is a Multi Engine Commercial and Instrument rated pilot.  The Mountains are part of our life in the Western USA. wants to showcase them from an aerial perspective in all of their beauty, which means possibilities are endless!  Imagewerx flies sites in Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, , Washington, Oregon, California, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada . With our international network we can provide aerial photography world wide.

What separates Imagewerx from competitors or weekend photographers?

First and foremost, experience! We complete over 700 aerial photography sites per year and which means this is our passion and we’re good at it! This is our full time job.  Second, equipment. uses top of the line photography equipment by Canon. All lenses are image stabilized for the sharpest image possible. Images typically are shot in RAW format for the highest image quality. Imagewerx designed and built a true vertical aerial camera system to capture image straight down.  All Air to Air flights incorporate the use of a gyro stabilizer.  We can operate drones if needed although, drone oblique aerial photography is not near the quality we can capture from an aircraft and the cost is nearly the same.  Imagewerx has photographed over 140 sites in one flight!

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Extraordinary Experiences

As a pilot and photographer, Mitch Bowers knows exactly what shots to take, when, and where!

From air shows and sporting events to private air to air and commercial photo shoots, capture a memory that will last a lifetime!

Imagewerx Core Values

Imagewerx is a client-focused company that understands the importance of customized services.

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