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Whether they know the terminology or not, most people imagine oblique photographs when they think of aerial photography. Oblique aerial photography refers to photographs that were taken at high or low angles relative to the subject. In oblique photography, the lens points at an angle towards the ground. This allows the photographer to capture sweeping vistas and stunning perspectives of new construction, forests, large buildings, natural landmarks, other aircraft, and any number of other focal points. While oblique photography is incredibly popular for obvious reasons, it is not the only kind of aerial photography available.

vertical image - airport

What Is Vertical Photography?

The alternative to oblique photography is vertical aerial photography, in which specialized equipment is used to capture images straight down. Because of the flat, map-like image that is produced, vertical photography is typically reserved for specific uses such as:

  • Mapping projects
  • Surveying construction and building sites
  • Mapping forests
  • Estimating timber quantities
  • Assessing flood risk
  • Studying coastal or canyon erosion

These examples barely scratch the surface of the total possibilities vertical photography offers. Ultimately, vertical photography can be beneficial any time you need to get an accurate depiction of large tracts of land.

Levels Of Vertical Aerial Photography

Depending on the needs of your specific projects, vertical aerial photographs can be captured at different altitudes:vertical image - first snow

  • Low Altitude vertical photography provides a relatively close-up view of the subject. The tract of land being photographed is not as vast, but we are able to capture great detail in the subjects being photographed.
  • Medium Altitude vertical photography, as its name suggests, provides a simple compromise between low and high altitudes. The subject appears smaller than in low altitude photographs, but we are able to capture larger tracts of land surrounding the target subject.
  • High Altitude vertical photography refers to photographs that are captured thousands of feet above the ground. Trees, buildings, highways, and roads will appear very tiny in these images in order for us to capture vast expanses of land.

If you are unsure what altitude will be best for your project, our experienced vertical aerial photographer can consult with you to determine the option that will best meet your needs.

Imagewerx Aerial Photography – Your EXCLUSIVE Resource For Vertical Photography!

Vertical photography presents distinct challenges. Because the camera must be pointed straight down while traveling at high speeds and altitudes, only skilled aerial photographers are able to offer this service.

Imagewerx Aerial Photography is the only aerial photography company in Colorado to provide true vertical aerial photography. We have specially designed, engineered, and built a camera that mounts to the underside of our aircraft, enabling us to capture images unlike that of any of our competitors.

We pride ourselves on capturing the highest quality images for your projects. If you are considering hiring a vertical aerial photographer to assist with your project, we would be honored to speak with you. Visit our website for more information about our aerial photography services in Colorado. We truly look forward to speaking with you!

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