Why Work With Imagewerx? (FAQs Part 2)

Aerial photography is a complex and challenging field. In order to ensure top-quality photographs, both the photographer and pilot must be skilled and well-practiced. Imagewerx Aerial Photography has been providing aerial photographs of Colorado and the surrounding states for nearly twenty years. We have learned a great deal about the components of superior aerial photography in that time, and we are excited to share our expertise with our clients.

Last week, we examined a few of the questions we are commonly asked by people who are considering hiring us to capture aerial images of their projects, property, and/or company. This week, we are finishing the conversation by answering a few more of the questions you may have about our business.


Question #11: How Many Pilots Work For Imagewerx?
As a small business, our piloting team consists mainly of Owner Mitch Bowers. Depending on the scope of the project, however, Mitch will occasionally have a copilot that is commercial-rated and is listed on the insurance for the aircraft being operated.

Question #12: Do You Do Aerial Photography Work In The Mountains?
In a word, yes. We have completed mountain flying courses, and the aircraft that we fly (most commonly our Cessna 182) has a service ceiling of over 15,000 feet, making it very capable in the mountains. Owner Mitch Bowers is a Commercial- and Instrument-rated pilot. Since the Rocky Mountains are an integral part of our life here in Colorado, we made it a point to be able to showcase them in all their natural splendor.

Question #13: How Is Your Camera Different Than That Of Your Competitors?
We use top-of-the-line photography equipment produced by Canon. All our lenses are stabilized so as to produce the sharpest image possible. Further, we typically capture all of our images in RAW format, as this contributes to the highest quality possible. We also provide the only true vertical aerial photography system in Colorado.

Question #14: What Happens If The Photos Are Not To My Liking?
In addition to piloting the aircraft and capturing the images, owner Mitch Bowers edits all of the images before passing them to the client in order to ensure superior quality. We promise that all of our images will be sharp and in focus. We guarantee satisfaction with our work as well.


Question #15: Does Imagewerx Release The Copyright?
Yes, most clients require high-resolution files with copyright release.

Question #16: What Type Of experience And Licenses Does Imagewerx Possess?
Owner Mitch Bowers received his pilot license in 2004. He has attained instrument and commercial pilot ratings, as well as high-performance and complex aircraft endorsements.

Question #17: What Type Of Insurance Does Imagewerx Carry?
$1 million in liability insurance is automatically included in your aerial photography service. Depending on the scope of your project, more can be added.

Question #18: Can You Tell Me Anything About The Resolution Of Your Photos?
Currently, the camera we primarily use is the Canon 5D Mark 3. We use it to capture RAW images upwards of 65 megabytes at 300 PPI.

Question #19: Do You Provide Printing Or Framing?
Yes! As one example, we recently delivered a 3×9 ft Gallery Wrapped Canvas to a client. We also completed ten 20×30″ framed prints for a client who wished to gift the framed pieces to the other companies associated with the project. We are proud to provide custom printing and framing to many of our clients.

Question #20: Can You Help Us Generate Traffic To Our Site?
That is definitely one of our goals! We cannot guarantee any certain amount of traffic to a project’s site, but we love talking about our work and are excited to share our clients’ projects with the world. Imagewerx Aerial Photography is proud of the partnerships we have with our clients, and we are proud to be able to boast about the amazing work that our clients do. We would love to help spread the word about your project, so please let us know if you would like us to include you in a post on our site.

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