6 Reasons To Hire Imagewerx To Track Your Construction Progress

Construction is a high-dollar industry, with anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars riding on any given project. Whether you are about to embark upon or are already in the middle of a construction project, ensuring that you carefully document your progress is essential. Our experienced Colorado construction aerial photography is here to assist you from start to finish. By serving as an independent third-party, we can provide an objective view of the project to ensure that everyone maintains an accurate understanding of the progress. Keep reading to learn some of the different reasons why Imagewerx Aerial Photography is the right choice for your development project.


1 – Keeping Everyone Honest

With so many dollars riding on a construction project, it’s important to ensure that everyone is performing as expected. The success of the overall project depends on the honesty and integrity of the individuals – and with so many different individuals working together, ensuring that everyone holds up their end of the bargain by completing their tasks as specified is essential. By securing an aerial photographer to take regular pictures of your construction site, you can keep a watchful eye from above. If you catch anyone breaking your agreement, you will have photographic evidence to back up your position.

2 – Identifying The Perfect Location

We’re all familiar with the three most important components of a successful business – location, location, location! Imagewerx can help you hone in on the perfect location for your new business by scouting multiple options in a single flight. We can capture images of every potential location from multiple angles, enabling you to consider your options from all sides. If you are preparing for a high-rise construction project, we can also take pictures of the would-be views from the top of your new building in each potential location.

construction sample collage3 – Monitoring Progress

As the owner of a new development, it can be challenging and frustrating to rely solely on the words of you contractors to track progress. A picture is worth a thousand words – by regularly photographing your construction site, Imagewerx Aerial Photography can provide detailed images that track the progress. You will be able to see first-hand how production is progressing and evaluate reasons why it may have slowed, such as massive rain or snowfall.

4 – Managing Logistics

The construction process is similar to a gigantic puzzle – in order for the ultimate picture to turn out, hundreds (or thousands) of little pieces must fit together. The only real problem is that all of the pieces are so big that it can be hard to get a good look at the big picture. Aerial photography provides a valuable view from above, enabling you to step back and consider the situation from a bird’s eye view. From determining where expensive equipment will be stored to identifying the best routes for the trucks bringing in new supplies, this perspective provides a valuable advantage.

5 – Investigating Hazardous Situations

Despite everyone’s best intentions, challenges inevitably arise at various points during the construction process. Sometimes, accidents may occur that could threaten the safety of the construction workers, inspectors, and other individuals who set foot in the project site – including those who are responsible for assessing the situation. From the safety of our highly capable Cessna 182, we are able to capture photographs of the construction site that will enable you and your team to determine the best (and safest) course of action.

6 – Obtaining Photographic Evidence

Unfortunately, legal disputes are a common occurrence in the construction industry. While every project manager hopes to avoid legal challenges altogether, it is impossible to predict when a legal situation may arise. Having photographic evidence to back up your case may become invaluable from a legal standpoint. By photographing your progress at regular intervals, we can help provide you with the evidence you need to back up your position in court.

Imagewerx Is Proud To Be Your Construction Photography Resource!

If you are preparing for a construction project in Colorado, we hope you’ll consider Imagewerx as your aerial photography resource. We are able to photograph sites anywhere in Colorado, as well as many of the surrounding states. We can photograph your project once per month, once every two weeks, or on whatever schedule works for you. For more information about our construction aerial photography services, visit our website: www.Imagewerx.us. You can also call us directly at (303) 550-2946. We look forward to serving you!

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