Perks of Construction Progress Photography

Whether you are a local construction company or plan to start new construction in Colorado, it’s important to keep an eye on your site. From progress to finished product images, our aerial photography service can provide the ideal bird’s eye view of your construction site. We specialize in construction photography near Denver, CO. Providing professional images from your site can be accomplished when you partner with ImageWerx!

Monitor Progress

When it comes to construction, progress is a major factor. It’s important to know what is going on at your building site and ImageWerx can help provide just that. With images captured throughout your entire build, you can help monitor the progress at your construction site.

Regular Visual Reports

Depending on your preference, we can capture weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly updates on your construction site. Keeping tabs on your construction with aerial photography can help give you a visual or the progress that has been achieved and what else needs to be complete for your site.

Verify Completion Deadlines

Construction deadlines are a BIG deal! It’s best to stay on track, when building a commercial facility or home. While there are unavoidable occasions that prevent construction from staying on track – waiting for parts, weather, or a number of other occurrences, visual progress through aerial photography can help estimate and/or adjust deadlines as needed.

Keep Construction Crew on Task

With knowledge that your construction is being monitored, it may help motivate your construction foreman or supervisor to keep up with deadlines that approach. This also gives your on-ground crew a visual as to what their building looks like from above – helping make further decisions easier.

Showcase Your Story

After your construction is complete, it is nice to look back on what all you’ve accomplished. Whether you want to keep the images for your company portfolio or the business wants to display the images inside the building itself, this is a great way to showcase the building construction process.

After reading about the reasons why your commercial construction site can benefit from aerial photography near Denver, CO, you’re ready to schedule a session with us. We can provide aerial overview images, as well as on-ground photographs of your construction to keep you in the loop. It’s a great idea to keep tabs on your construction progress to ensure deadlines are being met or adjusted, as needed. Here at ImageWerx, we look forward to providing images of your construction progress – from groundbreaking to completion!

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