Perfecting Your Aircraft Photoshoot

There’s no denying that aircraft hold an element of mystery. Planes and other aircraft are capable of helping us achieve that which would otherwise be impossible. There is something intrinsically alluring, romantic, and mysterious about flight and the machines that take us to previously unimaginable heights.

Aviation photography is the art of capturing stunning images of these powerful machines. When done well, images of aircraft in motion transport us into the air so that we feel as if we are soaring right alongside the craft in the picture. Even images of aircraft parked motionless on the ground should have an element of life to them. They should ignite our imaginations and enable us to feel the power of the aircraft even when it is not in motion.

Lighting is the heart and soul of photography. It is through proper lighting that we are able to capture the motion and energy of these powerful machines, whether they are in motion or on the ground. Last week, we examined the ins and outs of air-to-air photography, the art of capturing images of aircraft while they soar hundreds (or thousands) of feet above the ground. This week, we’re finishing the conversation by looking at some of the specifics of static aircraft imaging and how you can use lighting to your advantage.

Static Aircraft Imaging

Static aircraft imaging is the art of photographing aircraft as they are parked. Don’t let its name fool you – though these photographs are captured while the aircraft is not in motion, these images should be far from “static.” The goal of stationary aircraft imaging is to bring life to the machine even as it sits still. The person viewing the image should be able to feel the power of the aircraft and easily image it soaring through the air.

static aircraft 2

Perfecting Your Aircraft Photoshoot

As an experienced aviation photographer in Colorado, we have developed and identified several techniques we use to set our images apart from the rest. Here is a quick look at two key components we use to enhance our aircraft photoshoots.


No matter what subjects you are photographing, getting the proper angle is a crucial aspect of photography. When we photograph static aircraft, we make it a point to capture our images from a low angle. This allows us to look up at the aircraft while the sky serves as a dramatic background with which we can fill the rest of the frame. This gives life and motion to the aircraft, even while it is parked on the ground.


As we mentioned earlier, lighting is the heart and soul of photography. Lighting tells a story, and perfecting the lighting is a key component of aircraft imaging. Sunrises and sunsets offer particularly dramatic – and therefore advantageous – lighting for aircraft photoshoots. Thanks to our location at Denver’s Centennial Airport, we have access to ramp areas that offer stunning views of sunsets over the Rocky Mountains. Though we can capture images of aircraft anywhere, the dramatic lighting offered by this location makes it one of our favorites.

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