Fun Facts About Labor Day

Can you believe Labor Day is right around the corner? With the unofficial end of summer upon us, it’s a great opportunity to reflect upon the summer months that have passed us by. With the opportunity to capture a TON of breathtaking aerial photos around Colorado, we are thankful for all of our customers. While we look back upon another great summer, the team at Imagewerx thought it may be fun to incorporate some interesting facts about Labor Day in this week’s blog. Take a look below to learn some new and refresh previous knowledge about this holiday weekend.

Fun Fact #1

Back in 1894, Grover Cleveland helped to make Labor Day a national holiday. After a railroad strike, the president and other lawmakers wanted a federal holiday to celebrate those who labor.


Fun Fact #2

In the beginning, Labor Day was focused on parades in big cities and it has now evolved into a wider celebration that honors organized labor workers with much more activities than parades.


Fun Fact #3

An old tradition states that white should not be worn after Labor Day. Although this tradition isn’t as closely followed anymore some fashionistas tend to stick with this rule.


Fun Fact #4

Labor Day Weekend is the “unofficial” end of hot dog season. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans will consume 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day.


Fun Fact #5

In 1882, the unions of New York City held a parade to celebrate their union membership and this is what sparked the start of a Labor Day celebration. Soon after the first celebration, other unions across the country held parades too.


Fun Fact #6

There are about 14.6 million union members in the work force, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The biggest union, the National Education Association, currently has about 3 million members.


Fun Fact #7

Back when Labor Day first came about, children as young as 5 and 6 years of age were working in mines, factories, and mills.


Fun Fact #8

In addition to paying tribute to American workers, many view Labor Day as a way to celebrate the end of summer.


Fun Fact #9

Many Americans celebrate the holiday with bbqs, athletic events, parades, road trips, and fireworks.


Fun Fact #10

American retailers have taken advantage of the holiday by offering special Labor Day sales to entice those who are not working to come in and shop. Labor Day has actually become the second largest “sale” day for retailers, first being Black Friday.


Now that you have some new found knowledge about Labor Day, you’re ready to make plans to celebrate the holiday weekend. Whether you choose to host a bbq with friends and family or join in a community celebration, you are prepared to share some of these fun facts with those around you. Impress your friends and family by providing some holiday trivia questions! No matter how you plan to spend the holiday, our aerial photographer in Denver, CO wishes you and yours a safe weekend and happy Labor Day Weekend!


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