Construction Process: How Can We Help?

There’s nothing quite like new construction. All the potential and promise of a new business venture lies ahead, and the sky is (literally) the limit to the possibilities that present. Whether they are opening a brand new business or building a new location for an existing company, the visionary leaders who plan new construction projects must sort through all of the possibilities to identify the best ways to proceed. They must also take steps to protect their interest in the project as they move forward. With significant experience in construction aerial photography, Imagewerx is here to help.

Construction Projects & Aerial Photography Go Hand-In-Hand

There are multiple ways that hiring an aerial photographer can benefit your construction project. Here are a few examples.


Few individuals (if any) are true masters of all trades. As most people are well aware, it is not uncommon for contractors to hire subcontractors to handle certain tasks, such as installing plumbing or electricity. So as to reduce the possibility of costly miscommunication, it is important to ensure that the communication with these subcontractors is handled effectively. As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” An aerial photographer can capture detailed images of the project from a bird’s eye view, allowing clear communication about project details with subcontractors before they begin work.

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Progress Meetings

The people funding construction projects – especially larger ones – have vast amounts of dollars on the line. Physically visiting the site to monitor progress may be difficult, so having visual documentation of the project’s progress may be advantageous. Imagewerx Aerial Photography can fly over your construction project regularly (such as once or twice per month) and capture images of your progress. These images can then be used in progress meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Protecting Your Interests

In a perfect world, all construction projects would progress smoothly. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. Natural disasters may destroy progress that has already been made or compromise a construction scene such that it becomes a hazardous environment and production must be halted temporarily. Alternatively, thieves or vandals may target the construction site, stealing expensive equipment and materials or vandalizing existing structures. If the worst should happen, being able to present photographic evidence (both before and after the incident) is an important component of protecting your rights. It is for this reason that we strongly encourage contractors to schedule routine photography sessions of their projects. Whether you are pursuing compensation from your insurance company or defending your position in the courtroom, our construction aerial photographer can help you back up your position.

Imagewerx Is Your Construction Aerial Photography Resource

If you are in the initial planning process of a new construction project (or even if you have already broken ground), we hope you’ll consider reaching out to our Colorado aerial photographer. We have significant experience photographing construction sites, and we understand the unique needs and challenges that these projects present. If you would like more information about our construction aerial photography services, visit us at or call us at 303-550-2946. We look forward to talking with you!

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