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We pride ourselves on being an elite aerial photography business in Colorado, able to capture images that far exceed expectations. Imagewerx Aerial Photography offers custom aerial and panoramic images that offer a unique and valuable perspective that meets your specific needs. We also offer true vertical photography – our state-of-the-art camera platform is able to capture straight-down images that go beyond the capabilities of ordinary aerial photography. Keep reading to learn more about what Imagewerx can offer you and how we can help your business take flight.


Colorado Aerial Photography Services

Oblique Photography
Oblique photography refers to the aerial technique of photographing sites from high and low oblique angles. Oblique photography can be used for any number of purposes, including planning and tracking construction progress and constructing maps. Keep reading to learn more about some of the different purposes our oblique photography serves.

Commercial Development
From ground-breaking to completion, our aerial photographer can capture and provide documentation of commercial sites with both aerial photography and ground-based photography. Depending on your needs, we can plan to photograph your construction site weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or according to a different schedule that will better meet your needs.

vertical image - first snowVertical Aerial Photography
Capturing images straight down presents a unique challenge – one that few aerial photographers can meet. In fact, Imagewerx is the only photography company in Colorado to offer true vertical aerial photography services. We have specially engineered and built a vertical mount camera that allows us to capture these impressive images.

Panoramic & Scenic Aerial Photography
We are always looking for opportunities to capture breathtaking scenic views of our beautiful country. From cityscapes and forests to mountains and deserts, our aerial photographer has a keen eye for capturing Mother Earth’s natural grandeur. We can also provide stunning panoramic vistas by seamlessly stitching together multiple images of the same site.

Commercial Photography
Our photographs offer breathtaking views of Colorado and surrounding states, including Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Wyoming. Our images can be used for a variety of commercial purposes, such as trade journals, websites, magazines, and other advertising efforts.

Litigation Aerial Photography
Photographic evidence is a powerful and valuable asset to have in a courtroom. Our Colorado aerial photographer can capture unique images you can use to back up your position in lawsuits, court cases, challenging insurance claims, or other legal situations.

A-10-smStatic Aircraft Imaging
Airplanes are magnificent machines. We are proud to offer professional ground photography of aircraft using studio lights and dramatic backgrounds. Through our base in Centennial Airport in Denver, Colorado, we have access to ramp areas that have stunning views of sunsets over the Rocky Mountains.

Air-To-Air Photography
In addition to our highly capable Cessna 182, we have access to a very fast twin-piston engine aircraft that is able to keep up with jets and fast single- and twin-engine aircraft. This allows us to capture one-of-a-kind aviation photographs.

Professional Printing & Framing
Imagewerx is a one-man operation. Owner Mitch Bowers handles all of our clients’ needs from start to finish. In addition to photographing the images, Mitch edits the photos and provides graphic overlays (such as names of towns or roads) as needed. Mitch also offers professional printing and framing services. His unique attention to detail and extraordinary service ensure that you will be well cared for from start to finish.

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