How We Can Help With Your Next Construction Project

New construction is a tedious and time-consuming process. When it comes to your construction project, it’s vital to know what is happening at all times. Whether it’s a brand new business you are working on or replacing an older building, progress reports are very important. In addition to verbal reports, it can be helpful to visually see the Colorado construction site progress. Our Denver aerial photography company can help provide the visual updates you need! To learn more how Imagewerx can help your construction company, see the points below.

Construction In Progress

Monitor Subcontractor Work

Many subcontractors may be used to complete the new construction of a building. From framers to electricians to concrete, there are several outside resources needed to complete a new construction site. While they may provide a verbal update, it can be very beneficial to see visual evidence of the progress. Try to keep tabs on your construction site, even if you are not on the ground each day. A bird’s eye view can offer even more information about the progress than someone on site.

Protect Your Interests

While it’s usually a goal for construction to flow smoothly, it’s not always the reality of a build. Natural disasters may destroy progress that has been made on a construction site. It can even become a hazardous environment for workers in which all production comes to a halt. For insurance reasons, it’s ideal to have updated aerial photography to prove what had been done so far on the construction site. In addition to a natural devastation, vandalism and theft may take place at your building site too. Photography can help prove what was on your site, before these items are taken or destroyed. Whether you are pursuing compensation from your insurance company or taking your case to court for damages, aerial photography proof of your construction site can help your case tremendously.

Showcase Your Project

If you are a construction firm, it can be beneficial to have examples on hand to show new prospects. A professional portfolio of previous projects can help you showcase your construction business. Our Denver, Colorado aerial photography company can provide you with images to help you showcase your project progress. This type of image shows prospective clients that you care about your business and document your construction well. It also gives you a great opportunity to show off some of your work!

Construction Site Complete

Imagewerx Is Here for Your Construction Aerial Photography Needs

Now that you’ve learned more about how Imagewerx aerial photography can help your construction business, it’s time to schedule your session. Whether you want weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly updates, we can set up an aerial photography session for your personalized updates. From groundbreaking to site completion, the best aerial photographer near Denver, CO has you covered! We look forward to giving you regular updates on your construction site.


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