Aviation Photography Basics

What You Need To Know About This Fast-Paced Branch Of Aerial Photography

Pilots get to experience a world unlike any other – a world filled with spectacular vistas and endless thrills. Skilled aerial photographers are able to bring these unique sensations closer to home through their professional images. As a skilled aviation photographer, Imagewerx is able to capture the true essence of the aviation industry. Keep reading to learn more about aviation photography and the different specialties we offer.

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Why Aviation Photography?

There is nothing quite like the sensation of traveling hundreds of miles per hour, thousands of feet above the Earth’s surface. Though it is impossible to truly grasp the feeling until you have flown for yourself, aviation photography can help others get a better understanding of and appreciation for the unique world pilots experience every day. Aviation photography showcases beautiful aircraft in their natural elements.

Aviation photography can be used for any number of different purposes, including:aviation 3

  • Advertising aircraft that is for sale or lease
  • Showcasing privately owned aircraft as beautiful wall art
  • Preserving the history of aircraft through the years
  • Advertising sightseeing flights in tourist destinations
  • Showcasing the skill and prowess of aerobatic pilots
  • Capturing the prestige of military aircraft and pilots

Types of Aviation Photography

There are a few different types of aviation photography, each with its own specific advantages:

  • Static Aircraft Imaging is the art of capturing high-quality, professional images of aircraft while they are on the ground. We use a variety of studio lights and dramatic backgrounds to create stunning images. Since we are based out of Centennial Airport in Denver, Colorado, we also have access to ramp areas with stunning vistas of the Rocky Mountains. The ramps lend themselves to capturing spectacular Colorado sunsets, but they can be used any other time of day as well.
  • Ground-To-Air Photography involves capturing images of aircraft soaring through the air while the photographer is positioned on the ground. These images offer unique perspectives that showcase the immense power and precision of the aircraft, specifically during takeoff and landing.
  • Air-To-Air Photography is perhaps the most thrilling form of aviation photography. Air-to-air photography captures images of airplanes mid-flight. Because both the photographer and the target are moving at high speeds, only skilled photographers are able to capture high-quality air-to-air photographs.

Our Colorado aerial photography business is a 4-time winner of the PAPA (Professional Aerial Photographers Association International) best air-to-air photograph award. Most of the time, we use our highly capable Cessna 182 when photographing other aircraft. Depending on the needs of the photoshoot, however, we also have access to a very fast piston twin-engine aircraft that can easily keep up with jets and other high-speed aircraft we may be photographing.

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Imagewerx Aerial Photography: Your One-Stop-Shop For Aviation Photography

If you are considering hiring an aviation photographer in Colorado, we hope you’ll consider Imagewerx Aerial Photography. We have experience photographing aircraft at a variety of altitudes and speeds. In addition to static aircraft imaging, ground-to-air photography, and air-to-air photography, we can also capture interior images that showcase your aircraft’s cockpit and/or luxurious interior. You can be confident that when you work with Imagewerx, your photoshoot will be conducted with the utmost professionalism and skill.

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