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Imagewerx provides custom Air to Air Photography across the US.  With over 100 Air to Air Photoshoots completed we have the experience and skills needed to capture amazing images of your aircraft.  We have photographed WW2 bombers to Cessna 152’s and many types in between.  All images are shot with top of the line Canon digital cameras and Canon L series lenses with a Kenyon Gyro stabilizer.

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Imagewerx uses the highest quality printing and framing.  Resulting in a finished product that will be beyond expectation.

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Imagewerx provides custom graphic overlay on images.  Streets names, highlighting certain areas, names of businesses, logos, etc…

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From air to air, scenic, and panoramic photography to commercial, construction, and even litigation photography, we get the perfect shot every time.

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We help you showcase your aviation masterpiece with our professional photo shoots. This includes aircraft interiors, exteriors, cockpits, hangars, and even your vehicles!

The Ins & Outs Of Air-To-Air Photography

When most people think of aerial photography, they think of flying over static landscapes, cityscapes, or construction projects to capture images of the scenes below. While this accounts for many of the aerial photography projects we fly, it does not account for another significant aspect of our business: air-to-air photography.

Aerial photography is a thrilling, challenging field. Typically a one-man operation, owner Mitch Bowers simultaneously juggles the important roles of piloting the aircraft and capturing stunning aerial images during air to ground aerial photography. This week, we’re here to take a closer look at the unique and gripping challenges we encounter in the field of air-to-air photography.

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What Is Air-To-Air Photography?

Air-to-air photography is distinctly different from traditional forms of aerial photography, which involves capturing bird’s-eye views of subjects thousands of feet below the camera. In air-to-air photography, the subjects we’re photographing are flying through the air in tight formation.

Air-to-air photography is the art of capturing spectacular images of aircraft as they soar through the air. It can be used to photograph any aircraft, but it is most commonly used to capture images of vintage military aircraft, aerobatic pilots and personal aircraft. Since both the photographer and the subject are flying thousands of feet above the surface of the Earth and at speeds over one hundred of miles per hour, it is easy to see why this is a uniquely thrilling field.

Challenges of Air-To-Air Photography

Though exciting, air-to-air photography presents many distinct challenges. Because both pilots must navigate in close proximity to one another’s aircraft, each must be able to totally rely on the other. A thorough pre flight briefing occurs before any flight. Lighting also presents a unique challenge. The sun is the sole light source for air-to-air photoshoots, so both the photographer and the subject must be able to position their aircraft strategically to achieve the most desirable lighting and angles. Since aerobatics are a common component of air-to-air photoshoots, the photographer and pilots must also have strong stomachs and be able to avoid developing airsickness during the shoot.

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What Sets Us Apart?

If you are considering conducting an air-to-air photoshoot in Colorado, you will want to be confident that you find an experienced, trustworthy, and reliable photographer. We have been conducting air-to-air photoshoots for almost twenty years. In that time, we have amassed a great deal of experience and developed a strong skill set geared specifically towards air-to-air photoshoots.

For most of our photoshoots, we fly our highly capable Cessna 182. This agile aircraft performs well in tight situations and generally has no trouble keeping up with the aircraft we are photographing. If we plan to photograph a jet or very fast single- or twin-engine aircraft, however, we have access to a piston twin-engine aircraft for these shoots.

Imagewerx Aerial Photography is proud to have been recognized as a 5-time winner of the PAPA (Professional Aerial Photographers Association International) Best Air-To-Air Photograph from the yearly competition. If you have been looking for an air-to-air photographer in Denver or the surrounding cities/states, we hope you’ll consider our Colorado aerial photography company. We would be honored to put our experience (and our camera!) to work for you.

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