5 Tips for Decorating with Scenic Shots

Giving your space a fresh new look and feel can help it appeal better to others (and yourself)! If you are looking for a more simplistic and natural theme for your room decor, our Colorado aerial photography company has a wide range of images available to help you create the look you are after. Feature some of your favorite scenic images to give your room a sophisticated and professional appearance. To get inspired to redo your space, take a look at our gallery to see what images are available to purchase. Whether you’re looking for the perfect statement piece of want to create a collage of your favorite images, Imagewerx has you covered! Before you get started, take a look below to learn about some easy tips for decorating your space with scenic images.

Mosca Pass
Mosca Pass

1. Select Images That Fit

Think about the color scheme and feel of your room, when selecting which scenic image to add to your space. It’s important that the photography you choose fits in with the look and feel of your room, otherwise it may stick out in and unappealing way. You can always purchase a group of images that naturally fit together, if you are worried about a certain image not flowing right with your other decor pieces.

2. Highlight a Statement Piece

A large statement image should be the focal point of a room. Place this type of image in a dominant space in the area you are decorating. In a living room, many times a statement piece will be hung above the couch or fireplace to draw more attention to the piece you like so much. Another way to draw attention to a statement image is to add smaller, similar images around the piece. This is a great way to fill up a bare wall and draw attention to your favorite aerial shot.

3. Group Images in an Appealing Manner

If you’re looking to create a collage with your Imagewerx photos, arrange these images in an appealing manner. Although it can be fun to keep it asymmetrical, many homeowners prefer to keep their decor balanced. If you have a stairwell you are wishing to spice up with aerial images, consider stair stepping the images down alongside the stairs to allow friends and family to easily view them as they travel down the stairs.

4. Create An Illusion

Are you thinking about creating the illusion of natural scenery just beyond your walls? Whether you have a sink with no window above it or a large wall in which you want to create an attention draw, place your scenic image in a way to create a natural landscape inside your home. A large city image gives the appearance of your room overlooking your favorite city or a scenic mountain view just beyond the sink can give the feel of a window where you’re home may lack one.

5. Get Creative With Your Design

While there are a number of suggestions, you should design your space exactly how you see fit. Have fun while selecting your professional scenic images and get creative when incorporating these images into your home. Whether you’re adding one statement piece of a plethora of shots, it should be a fun process to give your space an entirely new look and feel!

When decorating your space with your favorite scenic images, it’s important to keep these tips in mind. While deciding which image or images are the best fit for your room, think about the big picture. Are you trying to create a new look and feel across your space or simply wanting to incorporate a new favorite scenic aerial photography? The reasoning behind why you are redecorating your space has a big impact on the outcome. There are always suggestions when it comes to decorating your space… but it’s really up to you! Hang the image where you want to create the ideal space you have envisioned for your room. The most important part of decorating with Imagewerx aerial photographs is that YOU love it!


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