4 Questions To Ask Your Aerial Photographer

Hiring an aerial photographer is a big investment in your project. Since you’re investing both your time and your money in the aerial images you hope to capture of your project, property, or other site, it’s important that you find a photographer who will be able to meet (or ideally, exceed) your expectations.

Imagewerx Aerial Photography is here to help ensure that you find the right photographer for your project. By asking the photographers you interview these specific questions, you’ll be able to hone in on the individual (and company) that is right for the job.

1. Are You Insured?

Hopefully, all will go smoothly with your project. However, life can be unpredictable; it’s impossible to know when you may hit a bump in the road. Verifying that your photographer is insured prior to working with them can be a great way to protect your interests. Our aerial photographer in Colorado carries $1 million in liability insurance, with aerial photography included. We can add to this if needed for your project.

2. What’s Your Experience?

Aerial photography is a unique as well as challenging industry. Various external factors (like the weather) can greatly influence the type and quality of photographs your photographer is able to capture. While certain conditions (such as thunderstorms) may influence any photographer, others (such as strong wind) may not have to be a deal-breaker, depending on your photographer’s level of experience. Hiring a photographer with significant experience may be the best way to avoid having your project thrown off-course by unforeseen challenges.

3. Do You Guarantee The Quality Of Your Images?

If you’re hiring an aerial photographer in the Rocky Mountains, you obviously have a specific reason or need to capture images from above. The last thing you’ll want is to be stuck with poor or low-quality images after it is all said and done. Find out if your photographer has a method for ensuring the quality of his work before you begin your contract.

Imagewerx Aerial Photography absolutely guarantees the quality of the work we produce. We personally edit all of the photographs we capture before sending them to the client, thus ensuring that all images are sharp and in-focus. We may adjust the lighting or contrast as well to ensure that the subject is showcased in the best possible manner. We also guarantee client satisfaction – if there is any reason why you are not pleased with the images we capture on your behalf, we have systems in place to remedy this situation.

4. Do You Use Drones?

Drone photography has come a long way since it was first introduced. While there are certain situations that can benefit from drone photography, it is important to recognize that drones have certain distinct limitations as well. Not only that, but drones are subject to strict regulations that not everyone is aware of. As a result, it is not uncommon for drones to be operated illegally or flown in illegal zones. If your aerial photographer uses drones, it is important to verify that all regulations will be followed so as to not put your own company at risk.

Imagewerx Aerial Photography Is Here For You!

If you are looking for an aerial photographer in Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, or anywhere else in Colorado (or the surrounding states!), we hope you’ll reach out to Imagewerx Aerial Photography. With nearly two decades of experience, our aerial photography company is sure to provide the stellar images you need for your project. Whether you’re hiring an aerial photographer for personal or for commercial purposes, we hope you’ll give us a call!

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