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Aerial Photography in Colorado & Beyond

Why should I hire Imagewerx for Aerial Photography?

Experience! is often contracted by other aerial photography businesses in Colorado and around the country because of our phenomenal finished product.  We have over 14 years flying and photographing projects in Colorado and beyond.

How quickly can an aerial photography project begin?

Once both parties agree on the details, the flight can be completed within 24 hours. Sometimes Mother Nature determines when we fly. Since is a full time aerial photography business locating in Colorado, we can fly on short notice.

Where can Imagewerx shoot?

We have completed a mountain flying course and the aircraft that we fly is a very capable in the mountains with a service ceiling over 15,000 ft. The Rocky Mountains are part of our life in Colorado and wants to showcase them from an aerial perspective in all of their beauty, which means possibilities are endless!  Imagewerx flies sites in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Nevada and California.  With our international network we can provide aerial photography world wide.

What separates Imagewerx from competitors or weekend photographers?

First and foremost, experience! We complete over 600 aerial photography sites per year and which means this is our passion and we’re good at it! This is our full time job.  Second, equipment. We do not use drones, which are illegal and inadequate for true aerial photography. uses top of the line photography equipment by Canon. All lenses are image stabilized for the sharpest image possible. Images typically are shot in RAW format for the highest image quality. We provide the only true vertical aerial camera system in Colorado.  All air to air flight incorporate the use of a gyro stabilizer.

Construction Progress

Provides construction site documentation from ground breaking to completion. Learn More

Oblique Photography

Sites are photographed from high and low oblique angles. Learn More

Vertical Aerial Photography

Imagewerx has engineered and build a vertical camera mount to capture images straight down. Learn More

Commercial Development

Sites are typically photographed before, during and after a re-development. From the ground and aerial. Learn More

Panoramic & Scenic Aerials

Imagewerx has the ability to combine numerous images to create 1 spectacular panorama of a scene. Learn More

Litigation Aerial Photography

Aerial images make an excellent visual tool for legal cases, accident verification, property disputes, etc. Learn More

Air to Air Photography

Photographing an aircraft in flight from another aircraft. In 2013, won the Best of Show award from PAPA. In 2014 and 2015 won best Air to Air image in the PAPA Photo Competition.  PAPA – Professional Aerial Photographers Association International. Learn More

Commercial Photography

Involves taking pictures for commercial use: for example in advertisements, merchandising, and product placement. Learn More

Imagewerx - Denver, Colorado Aerial Photography Services

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